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Duross Place • Saco, Maine

Duross Place, currently under construction, is an 8 Unit Seperate Home Condominium project.
Each unit will have 3 bedrooms, 2½ Baths, and a 2 car garage.

$355,000   •  More Details

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FERRY LANDING  •  Saco, Maine

Located in Saco, Maine, Ferry Landing is a 28-unit subdivision built on 20 acres.
Designed, developed and built by Doyle Enterprises,
each house and lot is individually owned.
A homeowner's association takes care of all exterior maintenance. While the basic structure and layout of the Ferry Landing homes is the same, each individual owner was able to make interior style modifications.
By working closely with each buyer during the building process, Doyle Enterprises was able to insure that every home met the unique tastes and needs of the individual customers.
The aerial photograph shows the benefits of not clear cutting a site, a common practice with many developers. The natural beauty is maintained so that it doesn't take years for newly planted trees to grow.
The back nine acres was preserved and trails were built. The land was then donated to Saco Bay trails and opened to the public. Three of Maine's largest Tupelo trees are located along these trails.

Sea Orchards • Wells, Maine

Sea Orchards is a 9 home development tucked into a quiet 5 acres just off Route 1
in Wells with customized interiors designed to meet the home owners preferences.
Like all of the homes Doyle Enterprises builds,
the Sea Orchards Homes adhere to the concept
that the quality of a living space is more
important than its size.

The form, function, detail and finish of the
interiors is incomparable.
A homeowner's association takes care of all exterior maintenance.